3 Social Media Marketing Trends to Watch in 2017

Marketing today includes dozens of social media platforms vying for a piece of your small business marketing budget. From Facebook to Twitter to Instagram, there’s no shortage of platforms to choose from, but not all platforms will work for your business. Not only this, but social media is always changing, from the fans who use the platforms to the marketing tactics that work best. Take a look at the top social media marketing trends for 2017 for tips on how to develop unique content that your fans and customers will want to share.

Social Messaging Apps

Social messaging apps have grown rapidly over the past few years. Today you’ll find at least three messaging apps (WeChat, Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp) among the world’s top social media platforms. Businesses have started using these apps as a more intimate form of marketing — a trend that is expected to explode in 2017 while the popularity of messaging apps continues to grow.

Consumers like the personal touch that messaging brings, especially when used by businesses to support inquiries or complaints. Rather than waiting for hours on hold to speak to someone, consider using a messaging app as a tool for instant support, and think of it as an easy way to improve your company image and customer loyalty.

Snap Inc.

Branching out beyond Facebook and Twitter, the platforms of choice for social media marketing, can open new possibilities for customer engagement — especially millennials. Formerly known as Snapchat, the newly rebranded Snap Inc. is constantly innovating and expanding their company’s reach. In recent years Snap introduced live streaming video and their Discover feature, which is particularly useful for small business social media marketing. The Discover feature lets companies produce and post daily branded Snapchat videos. The live streaming feature also allows businesses to showcase how products are being used, and share the atmosphere of corporate events. In 2017, expect more businesses to utilize the Discover and live-stream functions.

360-Degree Videos

The new 360-degree cameras bring video recording to a whole new level. With lenses on all sides, these cameras can display the atmosphere and full visual effect of products, events, restaurants and just about any other aspect of your business. Nescafe is using these videos on Facebook to generate positive feedback and buzz on social media. As more businesses realize the benefit of the 360-degree video, you’ll see more creative marketing strategies using the new technology.

With all of today’s social media options, small business owners may find it hard to choose where to spend time and money marketing a business. Just remember, once you know your target demographic, it’s easy to figure out what platform they are on. When you do, take advantage of the features that allow you to provide a personal touch to your content. Whether it’s a live stream or social messaging apps, consumers want to have a real and personal experience from online marketing.