About Us

My name is Federico Caporali and I am the founder and managing director of SM4LG (Social Media 4 Lead Generation).

I worked for 15 years as senior executive managing Strategic Operations globally for several companies being based in Europe first and then in Australia.

My obsession was to deliver sustainable cost reductions.

In 2012 I decided to dig more into Digital Marketing, one of my passions.

Soon Lead Generation become my new obsession: I wanted to create a service aimed to help companies to generate leads and to increase their Sales.

Coming from the corporate world and having worked for large organisations with high pressure on improving their bottom line, providing Return On Investment was very clear in my mind.

I’ve embraced what Digital Marketing has to offer and I have worked with experts in the field covering all the different aspects like SEO, Paid advertising, Email marketing, Social Media Marketing, Content marketing, etc.

There’s no doubt that the “right” mix of all of them can bring tangible benefits to any companies bottom line – provided that they are managed professionally! –  but still some main concerns remain:

–    how long does it take?
–    and how much does it cost?

I then decided to focus my attention, energy and resources on Social Media Marketing  and in particular testing and sharpening my skills in paid advertising. Targeting people with a genuine interest in the service or products that a company offers can definitely bring higher chances to generate leads.

I found that this approach could fulfil 3 needs that most of  the businesses out there have:

  • – a low investment
  • – a fast ROI
  • – tangible and consistent economic benefits (e.g. new Clients, new Markets, more Sales)

Looking at the results we have achieved for our clients, I was in the right direction.

Together with my team we are working everyday to improve the outcome of what we do and to let the results to speak by themselves.

Please follow #sm4lg for the best news about “Social Media Marketing and Lead Generation” and feel free to drop me a line for a coffee or a chat over Skype.

Many thanks for reading this and for being part of our journey.

All the best,

Federico Caporali