Best Google Analytics Alternatives

Google Analytics by far has been the top most web analytic tool for a long time. The efficient web analytic solutions and features offered by Google, already has over ten million websites using its tool for monitoring and evaluating their traffic all across the world.

However, some people cite the tool to be a bit more complex in design & usage, while others aren’t totally satisfied with the limited features it offers in the free version. And most of the websites are forced to use the free version of Google Analytics since the premium version comes at an exorbitant price of $150,000 USD per year.

This makes it inevitable for the site owners to look beyond Google and opt for alternatives that offer more cooler or customizable features at a reasonable price for their site analysis.

Following is a list of 6 best alternatives for Google Analytics.



Clicky Analytics is one of the most powerful alternatives to Google Analytics, as it lets you completely evaluate the traffic on your website in ‘real-time’.

The popular Spy tool enables you to track the total number of visitors currently on your page, along with their session details and behaviour. It also offers several unique features like heatmap, uptime monitoring, video and twitter monitoring (to work on your social presence), email alerts, split testing and much more.

As compared to Google, Clicky has a user friendly interface, easy labeling and cohesive dashboards for homepage as well as site pages. It provides high level filtering for quick and relevant data viewing that you may want to use to create conversions goals and profits.

Clicky offers a free premium trial version that lasts for 21 days, while the annual subscriptions range from $79.99 (Pro), $119.99 (Pro Plus) to $159.99 (Pro Platinum).



KissMetrics, unlike other analytic tools, tends to analyze the behaviour patterns of the visitors or groups that enables you to attract and retain them. This in turn helps you increase your conversion rate and generate more sales.

Though slightly pricey, KissMetrics has an attractive and straightforward layout that offers plenty of features, such as real-time data monitoring, unlimited funnel, cohort report, revenue report, unlimited customer profiles, unlimited channel reports, unlimited A/B Split tests and much more.

Also, since it is consumer behaviour oriented, KissMetrics would be a better choice than Google for all medium-to-large businesses or ecommerce sites that sell products or softwares. It helps in tracking the actions of potential customers, both before and after the sign up.

KissMetrics offers a 14-day free trial. The monthly subscription plan ranges from $220 (Self service), $500 (Growth) to $700 (Power).



Piwik is a GPL licensed open-source web software, that enables you to customize your analytics solutions according to your needs, and on any web host of your choice.

It has a simple interface and a fully customizable dashboard that lets you monitor multiple sites simultaneously from the same screen. It also offers unlimited page viewing and endless number of websites to be tracked, along with real time reports of visitors and their searches.

The features are similar to Google, but unlike Google Analytics, Piwik is self hosted and free of cost. However, you may go for hosting options for a premium. This ways you get a complete control over your website data since it isn’t shared by third party.

Piwik Pro Cloud offers a free 30-day trial. The monthly price ranges from $9 (individual), $29 (startup) to $49 (business).

Open Web Analytics


Open Web Analytics is also a GPL licensed open-source web software, that is self hosted and free of cost. It allows easy installation of web analytics to the sites using simple Javascript, PHP, or REST based APIs; enabling the web owners to evaluate the traffic and visitors on their respective websites for quick reaction time and higher conversions.

It offers no pageview restrictions, and tracks unlimited number of websites along with site usage and conversion statistics. It even has built-in plugins for WordPress and MediaWiki. It however, doesn’t get an upgrade on a regular basis.

Open Web Analytics ranks over Google due its self hosting property and additional features like Heatmap, DOM clicks tracking and mouse movement (recording and playback) tracking.



Mint has a simple layout and interface as compared to other analytics. It is self hosted, customizable and extremely cost effective.

It offers some basic features like total page views, most recently visited pages or content, unique visitors, recent and repeat referrers, search filters etc. However, you may have to add plugins or ‘Peppers’ to keep up with the latest.

Mint also has additional features like Bird feeder, that tracks subscription progression for a period; Real Estate, that identifies the type & size of a visitor’s browser for better placement of content; User Agent 007, that scans the browser or flash plugin versions, etc.

The fact that Mint is basic enough to let you install whatever you really need makes it straightforward and less cluttered, unlike the intimidating Google.

Mint charges a one-time fee of $30 per installation for the current version. However, licensed users may install the upgrades (as and when available) at a reduced price.



Chartbeat analytics is known for its unique metrics that go beyond just clicks and pageviews. Apart from Website Monitoring, it uses the Instant Audience Analysis to focus more on the reader’s interaction with the content.

The Real Time dashboard displays how your customers are connecting to your content across all platforms and devices, while the Video dashboard focuses on how your videos are capturing the viewer’s attention.

It even lets you integrate itself onto Social Media so that you can track and target maximum audience engagements, thereby increasing your social presence.

You can make real-time editorial changes and optimize your content & layout, by analyzing metrics like In-page analytics and Narrative-form feedback.

The Robust Historical Reporting tools enable you to track specific performance goals for a date range, while the Auto-Generated Insight Badges are used to understand the trends and opportunities.

Chartbeat analytics offers free trials. The subscription prices are available upon request. They also have core and bundle offers that depend upon the number of audience views.


There are several analytic tools to measure the performance of your site.The names listed here may vary according to your business need and budget constraints.

Whatever alternative you choose, don’t just restrict yourself to functionalities of the BI and Analytic softwares. The tool should also offer varied subscription plans catering to individual and enterprise requirements, various integrations and customizations, quality customer support as well as mobile compatibility.

Identify the key performance indicator for your business before researching and implementing the best suited analytic platform, for maximum benefits and higher conversions.

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