Blueprint Of A Money Making Sales Funnel

You would be crazy not to have a sales funnels in your business. Why? Because they automate your entire sales process!

YAY to saying BYE, BYE to stressful product launches and HELLO to more freedom and free time while you earn money year round from your online courses!

So what is a sales funnel system? Well I like to think of a sales funnel as taking your ideal customer on a journey from you first even appearing on their radar, to thinking you’re pretty helpful, awesome and expert to them jumping on your bandwagon and buying your products.

Then as they get to know you even more and inevitably fall in love with your awesomeness they’ll buy from you again.

A sales funnel is the journey you take your ideal audien­ce on from prospect to loyal customer.

Now while there are many variations of a money making sales funnel there is one particular blueprint that I use that been proven to work time and time again by the top digital marketers.

Call me unadventurous but I like using systems that have been tried and tested and that I know will work!

And tried and tested it has been! This system is the exact same blueprint I teach in my own Kiss Sales Funnel Bootcamp and implement for my 1:1 clients.


So, let’s break this baby down!!!

Drive Traffic into your Funnel Via a Freebie

The easiest way to get people into your funnel is by getting them to sign up to a valuable freebie. You then need to drive traffic to that freebie through your blog, social media and paid ads.

 Nurture Your New Leads

Now you’ve got all these brand spankin’ new leads in your funnel you have to nurture them through an email automation that makes you look oh so knowledgable, helpful and just plain awesome. Oh yeah, and most importantly that you have a solution to their problem.

 Sell Your Taster Offer

Now that your new leads think you’re pretty cool it’s time to sell them your taster offer otherwise known as a low cost offer and solution to their problem.  The purpose of this is to convert your new leads to buyers easily. It’s proven that once someone becomes a customer, even for a low priced product they’re more likely to buy from you again.

 Nurture Your New Customers

Now that you have new customers you have to blow them away with your exceptional customer service and bonus tips and info to grow your authority and to show them that you have so much more to offer.

 Sell Your Signature Offer

So your new customer think you’re just wonderful and that your product is amazing but you’ve whet their appetite and now they want more. Now’s the time to pitch your signature offer otherwise known as your core offer or premium priced product AKA the nitty gritty solution to their big problem. 

Now this is just a simple sales funnel (I know, I know, it seems pretty complex) but there are lots more thing you can do once you have it up and running.

You can add up-sells and down-sells to increase your profits. You can add a higher priced product after your signature offer such as a VIP program or mastermind. The options are endless!

But the key is, to get ahead you just have to get started and put this first sales funnel in place!
Have a great week!

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