Building an Omnichannel Strategy Around Your Customer Experience

How much does the customer experience you want to create relate to and impact your omnichannel strategy? Answer: a lot!

Elizabeth Terrell, Vice President, Customer Solutions for UPS, said retailers should start with the customer experience in mind when creating – or updating – their omnichannel strategy.

“When you’re thinking about your omnichannel strategy, you really want to consider the customer experience as that should be the core of your design and will ensure your success,” said Terrell. “The scale is also something to consider – is it large or small, complex or simplistic?”

In this new Multichannel Merchant video, Terrell and Louis DeJianne, Director of Retail Marketing for UPS, discuss different aspects of omnichannel strategy and the strong connection it should have to the customer experience as the foundation of your approach.

Watch the video below and learn about:

  • How to build an omnichannel strategy around the customer experience
  • How scale is key
  • The importance of technology and logistics being interconnected in real time
  • The need for a consistent design approach

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