Interesting Benefits of Instagram for Small Business

Instagram is one of the best hits for photo-sharing applications. You can see how this photo-sharing platform just keeps growing, now it almost 90 million users. Instagram for business is a topic very important to famous brands, but the app is also the popular for interactions of small businesses also. Here are the top three benefits you can get knowing how to use Instagram for small business marketing:

1. Market your products and services in creative ways

Instagram has lots of advantages and one of them is the way it displays photos. With the given filters and editing options, you can be as much creative as you can. Add your style to your photos. This will increase attention of users to your photo on Instagram. You’ll see how creative these can be and you might just gain the positive comments from users. Plus they can share it even to other social sites by liking it.

2. Post Behing-the-scenes Photos from your Business

You can take a shot of almost anything and share it on Instagram. Post behind-the-scenes photos. Most of the time, this kind of posts get comments and interactions from users. You can take them when you’re shooting a video or working on your promotional materials. Let people see what you are doing to provide them with the best offers.

3. Update People on your latest Offers and Promotions

You can timely share photo updates about your business. Just share the latest activities or events that are happening in your business – huge sales (you can take shots of products with great discounts), new collection, Instagram Contests etc. Don’t forget to use popular hashtags like #sale or #contest. It will be easier to find your campaign for users on Instagram. We advise you to visit the most popular brands on Instagram (example, Starbucks). It will give you a better idea on how creative and trendy this app or website can be. Try to find inspiration on popular pages, but do not copy. Try to be special and unique.

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