The Benefits of Advertising on Instagram

It’s finally arrived! Every business now has the ability to advertise on Instagram. We’re one of the lucky few to have early access, and we’re busy behind the scenes starting up a lot of campaigns for our clients – both old and new. Early results are very positive, so we thought now was an ideal time to put together an article detailing the advantages of Instagram advertising.

1. The Early Adoptor Edge

We’re finding for our clients, that being an early adoptor of the Instagram advertising platform is giving them a real edge over their competitors. Remember when Facebook ads were new, or even further back when AdWords first launched? They were great times for those who got their first as CPC’s were lower due to a lack of competition, the audience was more likely to click as the ads were new and interesting, and users hadn’t developed ad fatigue that crept in later.

The same is currently true for Instragram advertising – making it the best social channel to be focussing your advertising efforts on if you’re the right kind of brand.

2. Lower CPC’s

Lower CPC’s are a definite benefit of Instagram advertising. We’re seeing Instagram ads that have lower CPC’s than AdWords (comfortably – think an average of £0.30 or $0.65 versus an average on Google of £0.65 + a lot of the time), than Facebook (averaging £0.35), Twitter (averaging £0.70) and LinkedIn (averaging £1.05).

When it comes to video views, Instagram also blows most out of the water with equivalent prices to Facebook at around £0.04 – £0.10 per video view on average.

3. High Conversion Rates

Conversion rates from Instagram ads look good – particularly when it comes to softer engagement on a site such as downloading a resource or signing up to view more content. In terms of driving purchases, early results are also good – but mainly where the product in question is particularly visual or engaging.

4. An Engaged Audience

The audience on Instagram is highly engaged, relevant, and able to be targeted really precisely. Instagram’s targeting is based off of Facebook’s targeting data which we’ve written about many times. That means you can use your custom audiences, interest based targeting, demographics and more to find your perfect audience on Instagram – and what’s better, they’ll be much more engaged than they currently are on Facebook.

5. But, Only If You Have The Right Brand

All of the above being said – Instagram advertising isn’t going to work for everyone. If it’s not for you, you probably already know as you are unlikely to have an Instagram account. Generally corproate B2B brands, and brands targeted at older generations are less likely to perform well. Instagram has 400 million users, but they’re focussed at the younger end of the spectrum. Remember that Instagram is highly visual as well – meaning that brands that look and feel good will always do best – think fashion, food, and music as great examples for instance.

But, if you want to reach a younger audience than usual, in a place where they’re still massively engaged and passionate, then Instagram advertising is definitely for you. With the benefits outlined above, it’s a no brainer to get started.

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